We manufacture reliable elements
made of polyethylene and polypropylene
We carry out pressings with
a system and pollution separation
We weld and weld pipes and flat plates
including large-size ones



Our products are characterized by high abrasion and chemical resistance, thanks to which they can be used wherever safety reasons require it. We have highly qualified and specialized engineering and technical staff, which is able to complete almost every order.



Our team of engineers is involved in the design of both individual components and entire systems made of polyethylene and polypropylene. We have experience in designing for various industries: from fuel to food.


We offer services such as welding of pipes and plates made of polyethylene and polypropylene (PE, PP, HD-PE, PP-H and PP-C). We use butt joint and extrusion methods and with their help we are able to combine large-size elements. Both of these methods can also be used in the field at the client’s request. Welding of polyethylene requires a lot of knowledge, but experience is more important here.


In the production of our devices we use state of art equipment, technologies and materials of high quality and durability (HD-PE: PE 1000, PE 500, PE 300 and PE 100). Our products can be used primarily where safety considerations require the use of corrosion-resistant plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene. For the production of components, we use state of art equipment, technologies and materials of high quality and durability.


In PE-System we have a qualified team of specialists in the field of designing and manufacturing of polypropylene and polyethylene elements. Our team is able to complete almost every order. Our employees can support manufacturing and installation processes at every stage of project implementation. We guarantee the reliability of our services and products.


The main advantage of our product is the elimination of rumbling and reflections of sound (reverberation, noise, echo), sound absorption in medium and high frequencies that occur in ventilation and recuperation systems.

Their primary task is to pump a certain volume of sewage to a certain height and distance in a given time unit. In compressor stations, the pumping process uses a system of separation of solid contaminants found in sanitary sewage.

Sewage tank is an underground tank, usually without drain, to which sewage from domestic sewage systems is discharged. Sewage tanks can be connected to the municipal sewage system, where they are a kind of retention reservoir to tank preventing clogging of underground utilities.

A separator, otherwise known as a settling tank, is, as the name implies, a device for separating one substance from another. It is used, among others, in sewage treatment, separation of petroleum-derivative substances, or in the food industry for the separation of starch or fats.

Our PE pipes are used in water supply, sewage and chemical transport pipelines. Polyethylene pipes made by PE-System are abrasion resistant, chemically resistant, antistatic and corrosion resistant, which makes them ideal for extreme applications such as sand hydrotransport.

In PE-System we make fittings and nipples made of polyethylene and polypropylene. We are also able to combine structures made of these materials to create advanced constructions for various industrial applications.

In PE-System, we manufacture custom-made rectangular and cylindrical tanks made of polyethylene (HD-PE: PE 1000, PE 500, PE 300 and PE 100) and polypropylene with capacities from 5000 to 100000 litres. Our tanks are custom made and adapted to the requirements of our clients. 

Desorber is a device used, among others, in water treatment installations.
It is a non-pressure device consisting of a column and a tank of appropriate size. Examples of desorber applications include non-pressure water oxygenation, iron removal and many other.


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